The 2022 Course Programme

Discover the hidden gems of Turkey’s hinterland – off the beaten track with expert guide Ian Worrall.
17 Oct - 24 Oct 2022

Price  –  £1,100 pp

To include minibus travel in Turkey, accommodation, all meals and Ian’s expert guidance.

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Away from the coast which most people experience on their trips to Turkey, lies a
hinterland of astonishing natural beauty and historical significance. Home to
successive empires in antiquity, the Greeks, Persians, Romans and Ottoman Turks,
the remains of their civilisations, architecture, art and sculpture abound in abandoned
cities and provincial museums where astonishing treasures are little visited.

Ian is one of the founders of Huzur Vadisi over thirty years ago. He also spent his
childhood in Turkey, speaks fluent Turkish and has an intimate knowledge of the
country and its roads less travelled.
You will discover the real Turkey and its delights on this special guided trip to this
fascinating and hospitable country.

Arriving on Monday 17 th October you will be met at Dalaman airport and will spend the
first night in The Olive Garden, a charming small hotel in the seaside village of Göcek.
On the following morning you will set off, passing through the beautiful Taurus
mountains, pausing at viewpoints, stopping for lunch on the way to the traditional
mountain village of Gölhisar in time to see the ruins of nearby Kibyra at sunset. We
will spend the night here.

In the morning we will explore Kibyra, a UNESCO world heritage site, located just to
the west of Gölhisar at the foot of the Akdag
Mountains. In antiquity the city was at the crossroads of the Phrygian,
Carian, Pisidian and Lycian cultures. We will then head to the upland lakeside town of
Egirdir, a drive of three hours. Described in the 14 th century by the writer Ibn Battuta
as ‘a city with a fine bazaar, running streams, fruit trees and orchards beside a lake of
sweet water’ the town is still recognisable from this description today. We will spend
two nights here relaxing, swimming and exploring, staying in a charming small bed
and breakfast on the lake’s picturesque peninsula.
The following morning we will drive through some exceptionally lovely scenery on the
way to the newly accessible and impressive ruins of Sagalassos, where we will spend
the night in a nearby hotel.

In the morning we will explore Sagalassos, before travelling to the town of Burdur to
visit the small but exquisite Museum, which contains sculptures and artefacts
discovered at Sagalassos and in the area. We will then travel to the beautiful crater
lake of Salda to swim in its exceptionally turquoise waters, spending the night nearby.
On the sixth day we will head home slowly, by way of mountain roads and traditional
villages, stopping by the wayside for stunning vistas and delicious food, to arrive back by evening at The Olive Garden in Göcek, for a relaxing dinner on the seafront
before departing Dalaman on the 24 th .

For further information or to book please contact Jane on