The 2022 Course Programme

Yoga & Nature With Trishna Horvath
30 May - 06 Jun 2022

A retreat structured around authentic yoga study and practice, set in a serene coastal mountain valley, in which all meals are prepared with care. You may enjoy walks in the forest trails, swimming in the Aegean Sea, and sleeping in a yurt with a sky full of stars overhead.  This magical place will hold our retreat experience beautifully.

Highlights: Deep Flow Yoga on a fully equipped open air shala.
Legendary meals of traditional Turkish style.
A true retreat environment in a secluded mountain valley, near to the Turquoise Coast.
Accommodation which while rustic is wonderfully comfortable.
Swimming in the Aegean Sea.
Local Adventures can be arranged, including a boat excursion, Turkish baths, lovely beaches and mountain hikes.

Resident Massage practitioner, appointments can be booked on arrival.
Hatha Flow Yoga with Trishna provides a fluid Sun Salutation, meaningful asana sequences offered with gradations of challenge, pranayama, mantra, and meditation.

What students say:

‘Yoga with Trishna has helped me find compassion for myself and those around me by creating flexibility in my mind, body, and heart’ ~ Sandra W.

‘I have attended retreats in the Healing arts, Yoga, and Taijiwuqiguan around the world with master teachers. Trishna is a very unique teacher. Her passion for the science of yoga and her dedication to knowing her Self grant her an outstanding opportunity to lead students to the inner yoga. She has always invited me to witness my own process and to neither go further nor fall short of where I am in the very moment. I have attended two of her retreats and left a far stronger woman than when I arrived… I cannot say enough about her ability to work with people of varying levels of practice and meet each fully. I feel she has a living practice that she is able to impart as well as other master teachers I have worked with and she offers it with a grace and humility that is very refreshing. I look forward to my next retreat with her.’ ~ Amelia N.

Trishna Horvath

Trishna has a passion for discovering the ‘yoga’ or integrating force in dance, music, and art, as well as the intrinsic artistry in the life discipline of yoga.

She began teaching yoga in 1998. In the previous ten years previous she had travelled often in Asia, studying mask dance in Bali, Traditional Thai Massage with The Sunshine Network and Master Pichet Boonthume in Thailand, and Yoga with Saras Kumar Binjola in India. Her approach to yoga is greatly inspired by her ongoing study of Sanskrit based philosophy. She enjoys incorporating esoteric information and practices into a Hatha Yoga format. Modern and ethnic dance, as well as years studying physical theatre technique also influence her teaching style.

Trishna calls her practice ‘Being Yoga’ and since 2002 has added yoga retreats to her travel offerings. She has taught classes, workshops and retreats in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Turkey, Greece, and throughout California. Since 1998 she has provided a regular schedule of classes in West Marin and now San Francisco.
Trishna is excited to share the opportunity that Hatha Yoga offers: to realize the self as Yoga. Union. Contingency. Wholeness which is nourished by and nourishing to… the greater whole.