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Yoga Iceland

Available for teachers to book now for 2024

This unique and exceptional spiritual retreat is based on a remote, ancient sheep farm on Iceland’s northern Troll Peninsula, nestled at the foot of the Skíðadalur glacier. The Iceland yoga retreat has been continually inhabited, from the time of settlement by the Vikings in Iceland in 850 AD. It has now been adapted as a retreat by yoga teacher Anna and her son, the land and farm having been in her family for generations.

Anna and family live by and are tied to all the natural cycles of the seasons, gathering in and harvesting berries and mushrooms, and helping the community to bring the sheep down from the mountains at the end of summer. It is a way of life essentially little changed for centuries, despite the trappings of modern comforts. There is a tremendous and special sense of place and history, which manifests as a palpable energy, which you can feel as soon as you arrive.

‘I have rarely been so moved by a location. The minute I arrived I felt my consciousness expand as I tuned in to the complete silence, gazed at the wild mountainsides and breathed in the pure prana. I actually was moved to tears as I felt my heart expand with joy. An amazing and deeply touching experience.’ Jane (Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreats)

This is an opportunity to experience the balm to the soul which pure wilderness confers, in one of the world’s last unspoiled environments, supported by caring staff in this well-run venue.

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