Yoga Retreat Rome

Yoga Retreat Italy

Huzur Vadisi yoga has teamed up with yoga teacher Marina Wallace, a former guest at our retreats in Turkey, who is the fortunate owner of a most beautiful and historic Roman villa, where you can now spend time on a yoga retreat Italy.

As a yoga teacher herself, Marina knows all the finer points of how to provide the right ambience and support for a retreat. She leads some retreats herself at the villa, she also acts as a caring, experienced and charming host for other yoga teachers and their groups, along with her wonderful assistant Stefania.

An additional and unique feature of a retreat at the villa is the opportunity to combine yoga with a guided visit to the treasures of Rome. Marina, a native Roman, is also an art curator, and is author and editor of the tenth volume of La Cultura Italiana, among many other publications on art and culture. She studied Classics, as well as art history so you couldn’t hope for a better-informed and more knowledgeable guide to Rome!

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