Terms and conditions

Shanti Yoga Bookings – the small print

Booking Conditions

1  BOOKINGS: There is no contract between Shanti Yoga Bookings and the client until the deposit has been paid, or if 6 weeks prior to departure, full payment has been made. Teacher’s deposits are non refundable unless we can re book the week with another teacher. Please bear in mind that most teachers plan and book up to a year ahead, so although we try, it is not always possible to find replacements.  Full payment of the balance is to be made 6 weeks before departure.

2  INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATIONS: While we always try to treat cancellation sympathetically, deposits are always non refundable, and we reserve the right to keep any balance received in the four weeks up to the date of the holiday. Travel insurance to cover cancellation costs is a condition of booking.

3  TEACHER/GROUP LEADER CANCELLATION For teacher/group leader cancellations, the deposit is non refundable unless a replacement can be found, retaining an admin charge of £100. We reserve the right to keep any balance payments made in the final 4 weeks before the holiday date.

4  INSURANCE: It is a condition of booking  holidays that all clients must have travel insurance to cover sickness, cancellation or curtailment. Please bring your insurance certificate with you to the retreat. If you are a yoga teacher it is also a condition of booking that you are insured to cover to your teaching.

5  CHANGES OR AMENDMENTS TO COURSES OR VENUES: Courses in the programme have been confirmed by the course teachers/leaders. If for any reason a course teacher/leader becomes unavailable we will do our best in conjunction with the teacher to find a replacement teacher of similar training and quality. Wherever possible you will be advised in advance of any alterations. Amenities or courses may be altered or amended due to maintenance work, mechanical faults, weather conditions, sickness or other situations outside our control and for which Shanti Yoga Bookings cannot be held responsible.

6  LIABILITY: We do NOT accept any liability for: Cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, threat of war, terrorist actions or threats, closure of airports, civil strife, industrial action, natural disaster, technical problems to transport, staff cancellations or other events beyond our control, participants’ medical or psychiatric conditions which may develop during or subsequent to the holiday, loss of, or damage to, personal property of participants.

7  HEALTH: Non-disclosure of relevant health information, whether physical or psychiatric, can invalidate your travel insurance and cancel our contractual obligation to you. You should in any case inform your yoga teacher of any health issues prior to booking. Our holidays are not suitable if you cannot take responsibility for yourself either physically or emotionally.

8  COMPLAINTS: In the unfortunate event of a problem or a complaint, in the first instance the client should address it immediately to the venue owner/manager. If not resolved, the client should contact Shanti Yoga Bookings and we will attempt to mediate and resolve it for you as soon as possible so as not to detract from the enjoyment of your holiday. Please note that Shanti Yoga Bookings is acting only to book the holiday on your behalf with the owner of the facility, the ultimate responsibility for resolution is between the client and the venue. However, we will always assist you with justifiable complaints provided we are notified of problems at the time they arise.

9  LEGAL STATUS: Shanti Yoga Bookings is acting purely and solely as booking agents between, and on behalf of, both parties.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Jane or Rowan at huzvad@gmail.com