Yoga Retreats in Norway

One of the best, it not THE best retreat venues I’ve been to in over 22 years of leading retreats!! Angus Ford Robertson 2023

This fantastic retreat venue in the silent nature and beautiful mountains of Hedalen, Norway is the perfect place for people to reconnect with their inner peace, finding their true potential on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

With ten cosy cabins situated in the middle of a panoramic mountain view, you are all set to let nature accommodate you with its peaceful presence. Each cabin has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. Accommodation at full capacity is 19 students plus the teacher and assistant.

“This is a beautiful place to facilitate retreats and workshops. The very best about this place is the people; whom make the food (which is fantastic), whom greets you upon arrival, whom have prepared the place for precisely you and your event participants.” Unni Heim

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