The 2024 Course Programme

Awakening Connection – Yoga & Meditation retreat with Katrin Heuser, Kirsten Wilkinson & Tiago Botelho
12 Oct - 19 Oct 2024

Join us for a week on the beautiful Turkish Riviera and take some time out for yourself during this immersive and explorative yoga, meditation, and self-discovery retreat. And come also to explore the rich culture inherited from the Persian, Greek and Roman times and enjoy the Turkish hospitality.

It’s time to stop for a moment. Take a few breaths. Observe what is no longer serving you. And maybe find more scope for reconnecting with your sense of Self, being in human connection, and our connection to nature and the greater universe.

By nature, we are Beings of relation. But especially in today’s Western society, there is a dominant culture of separation. As a result, we are not able to be in our full expression of life, we have fallen out of resonance with Nature and the world around us, and we have lost the support of the village, around which we have evolved. This leads to enormous struggle to cope with day-to-day life and feeds into the development of disease in the body.

This week will be holiday, retreat, and deep-dive all at once. We will explore connection, disconnection and reconnection through a number of different practices and modalities: Yoga, somatic movement, breathwork, Thai Yoga Massage, meditation, Somatic Experiencing, Yoga philosophy, journaling and self discovery; awakening to the deep clarity that is available in our body, mind and spirit when nurtured and listened to.

A generous programme of physical and mental practices for relaxing the body, silencing the mind and nurturing the soul awaits you. Return home feeling calm, your authentic self, and armed with simple techniques for building these positive results into daily life.

Come too to enjoy some autumn rays of sunshine, healthy and delicious food and the beauty of nature. A chance to rest, rebalance, and tune into yourself and the slowing forces of this seasonal transition. We look forward to welcoming you.



A day in the life of being on the retreat

Imagine….. you wake up to the soft sounds of chirping birds and the feeling of the warming sun.  You can smell the water off the lagoon not too far away and it reminds you of a late summer day. You roll out of bed and make your way in your comfortable clothes to a morning practice.

What will it be today? Qi Gong to enliven your inner energy, a grounding yoga practice to centre yourself, breathwork to reconnect with yourself and those around you?

After your practice you are greeted by a nourishing breakfast that satisfies all of your senses; the smells and tastes of Turkish coffee and fruits, the bright colours of the rainbow on your plate, the sound of lively and thoughtful chatter from your fellow like-minded participants.

After breakfast you make your way to the inviting forest Yoga shala where you sit down to begin a learning journey concentrating around the theme of human and universal connection; the conversation inspiring.

The afternoon is met with an alfresco lunch. You might pack a lunch and make your way to the beach for some sun and reflection. Maybe you will read your book, maybe you will continue an earlier conversation, maybe you will swim and enjoy the nature around you, possibly a nap. The choice is yours.

After a warm shower you make your way to the late-afternoon activity; will you dance; practice yoga nidra, experience a connection to self exploration? There is such a variety from the three facilitators, Katrin, Tiago and Kirsten.

​Last is dinner, a spread of traditional, tasty and healthy Turkish cooking, and spend time with your new friends. Then you are off to sleep to dream of tomorrow’s day trip excursion around the area where more adventures await you.

What to expect

  • Daily yoga or embodied practices
  • Meditations
  • Philosophy
  • Reconnection Workshops
  • Bodywork exploration
  • Breathwork​
  • Self Discovery and Inquiry
  • Interconnectedness Practices
  • Relaxation Time
  • Nutritious Food
  • Cultural Immersion

The schedule

All the days will be a little different. This is how they might unfold:

8:00-9:30 – morning practice
9:30 – breakfast
11:00-13:00 – workshop (some mornings)
From 13:00 – lunch and free time
17:00-19:00 – workshop
19:30 – dinner

Some evenings we might have a fun activity after dinner. And on one of the days we have NO practices or workshops, but venture out on a fabulous day trip discovering the stunning area around Dalyan.

Free time

A lot of the day is free to relax, enjoy the lush pool, chill at the beach, go walking in the shade of the pine forest, or dip into the riverside town of Dalyan for some shopping.

Possible other activities (extras)

  • Treat yourself and book a session with the resident massage therapist
  • Spend the day on the beach (very easy bus ride away)
  • Various sightseeing trips are available
  • Get scrubbed and pampered in a traditional Turkish Bath

A spectacular day trip

On one of the days, we will take a “day off” for a chance to enjoy one of Ian’s (our host) famous trips:

  • By boat we will go along Dalyan river past the famous Calian rock tombs (4th century BC), probably one of the top 10 most stunning views on earth.
  • We stop at Kaunus, one of Turkey’s main ancient cities and visit the old amphitheatre, chapel, market place and harbour.
  • Then we make our way through the protected river delta’s reeds to anchor just behind the tip of Iztuzu beach, also known as ‘turtle beach’. Here we will take a little break to have grilled fish and a large vegetarian mezze of Turkish specialities and maybe have a little swim.
  • From here we make our way to the other side of Dalyan to cross the stunning Köyceğiz Lake, which is surrounded by nature reserves.
  • On the shore across the lake, we visit a traditional mud bath and hot springs.
  • To end our fun day out, we return to Dalyan and have dinner in one of the river front restaurants. (There will also be a little time to potter around town and do a little shopping…)

​This day trip is optional, and if you prefer you can also chill out on the beach, go for a longer walk, relax by the pool…

About Katrin

Yoga teacher and bodyworker, Katrin has always been interested in the body and movement. After many years of dance, her Scoliosis lead her to Pilates and finally to Yoga and Thai Massage, which then became her path in life. For her it’s about the never ending discovery of body and mind, to deepen the awareness and to release all tension and stagnation. Only then, the journey towards healing and transformation can begin, the capacity and power of resilience of the body can grow, and more space for positive life energy and joy can develop. She holds a 500h Level 4 NVQ Yoga Teaching qualification, trained in Manual Lymph Drainage and has studied extensively in Thai Yoga Massage and Osteothai, including a Master Osteothai qualification, over the past years. She used to run a Yoga Festival in London and launched an online anti-stress breathing programme. Since 2015 Katrin lives in Lisbon and co-runs Little Yoga Space, where she teaches and gives Osteothai treatments, and is the director of Hadadi School of Thai Yoga Massage, offering foundation and advanced training courses worldwide. ​


About Kirsten

MA, TCTSY-F, E-RYT 500, Bikram Certified, RCYT, Qi Gong and iRest Certified, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Mind/Body Practitioner, Breathe to Heal Facilitator, Somatic Experiencing Advanced Cohort

Kirsten has over 20 years of working with moving bodies, trauma, and building trauma informed curriculum.  She is the Executive Director of Legacy Motion, an NGO that supports individuals and communities impacted by trauma by offering sustainable programming and trainings to community members in trauma informed, restorative movement based practices and somatic therapy modalities.  Each program and project honours traditional healing methods, supports the collective human experience, and provides learning opportunities to aid in accessible and equitable mental healthcare through the mind/body connection. She is also the founder of Healing Motion, a private practice that offers somatic therapy coaching and embodied practices that support mental health by assisting individuals in discovering their innate wisdom, restoring their embodied strength, and transcending to holistic wellbeing through nervous system self-regulation, lifestyle balance, and personalised wellness programs.


About Tiago

Tiago likes to see himself as an “explorer of life”, as he understands life as discovering and recognizing what we are and everything around us. He studied and worked as a communication consultant, but discovered in Ayurvedic medicine and in Yoga a different way of Being in life. He has been teaching yoga for over a decade and has been practicing since 2005. Learning from various teachers and in different traditions, he has built a broad, free and simple view of what yoga proposes and how it can be approached and practiced in different ways. With deep gratitude and reverence to all his teachers and to the teachers of his teachers, he continues to study annually in Portugal, Spain and India. He has been teaching in Portugal, Spain, Israel, India and Indonesia for love and dedication to everyone’s life and well-being.



  • €995 – place in a 4-bed spacious dorm
  • €1,100 – place in shared twin or double
  • €1,350- place in single
  • €1,440 – single occupancy of large sea-view suite (€1,170 if shared)


  • €1,195- place in a 4-bed spacious dorm
  • €1,300 – place in shared twin or double
  • €1,550 – place in single
  • €1,640 – single occupancy of large sea-view suite (€1,370 if shared)

The prices include:

  • Seven nights en-suite accommodation in boutique, rustic rooms. Each room is a little different with their own special features (some have a balcony or little terrace, some have a small kitchenette).
  • Delicious and healthy vegetarian breakfast and dinner every day, plus light DIY lunches provided in the guest kitchen
  • ​Tea/coffee/fruit/biscuits all day
  • All the classes, practices and workshops with three experienced teachers

They don’t include flights, insurance, massages, airport transfers, other trips and activities.


Info and booking: or