The 2024 Course Programme

Marian Dolan
17 Aug - 24 Aug 2024

Marian is based in Kilkenny, Ireland has been teaching yoga for 15 years and
offering retreats to India, Turkey, and Europe for 11 years. She is very excited to be
returning to Turkey this year as it’s been quite some time and she is longing to get
into what she describes as the most healing waters ever.

Her aim on this retreat is to get students to pause, to take stock, to deeply rest. Her
blended offerings come from 15 years of continuously being a student of Yoga and
movement exploration. The morning practices will be more conducive to building
Bramhana i.e. uplifting, energising energy (Yang) and the evening sessions will
guide us towards more Langhana i.e. to cool down, down-regulate, and find
contentment (Yin). If you are interested in being in the body in a deeply
compassionate way for a whole week this retreat could be for you.


Alongside Yoga, we have food as medicine every day, community spirit to lift the
heart, laughter, and adventure to suit individual needs, and quiet time to journal, rest,
read, or just BE. Arm balances or handstands may not come into the equation on
this retreat so if this is your gig, it’s probably not for you (just being honest).


£995 pp twin or double sharing

£1095 single occupancy


For more information please contact Marian on