The Huzur Vadisi Story – The Healing Journey (part 3)

As part of the process of healing from M.E, in 1991 I went to stay in a spiritual community near Llandeilo in West Wales. It was only about 40 minutes from where I was living, coincidentally and fortunately for me, as some of the other participants had to travel from as far away as South Africa. I had come to study under Zen sensei and Healing-Shiatsu teacher Sonia Moriceau.

There are many facets to the beginning of the Huzur Vadisi story, and one of these is about Sonia.

To go back to the beginning, a friend Jules Rodway, a former student of Sonia’s had recommended Healing-Shiatsu sessions to help with the M.E.

As I had tried just about everything else, conventional and alternative, to no avail, I was feeling desperate and depressed. My then husband, Roger, undertook to drive me the two hours to Sonia’s for my first session – and supportively continued to do so for many months until I was well enough to drive myself.

The Orchard, the retreat centre Sonia established with her husband Ad, situated on the Welsh Hereford borders, was an oasis of peace. I arrived knowing little about what to expect. A petite, dark haired woman with a soft French accent answered the door. She was dressed in Tai Chi style white wrapped jacket and loose fitting trousers. This was Sonia, who was to play a remarkable role in my life. She showed me to the airy upstairs practice room. A large futon lay on the floor with warm blankets and a small cushion for my head. I lay down in this serene and calm room, for some reason feeling hopeful, despite the previous eight years of failed treatments.

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