Yoga Retreats & Holidays, Norway. Now Inviting Teachers to Book for 2018/19

Now here’s a winning collaboration – take the experience of Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreats and combine it with a sensational winter venue and you have a unique yoga retreat in a truly magical setting. Located in one of Norway’s most beautiful regions between the Heggefjord and Jotunheimen national parks and Norway’s highest mountain range, we handpicked Marco and Marie’s lovely small hotel as we like new, we love inventive and we’re big on unusual. This venue has them all in spades – a bespoke, intimate hideaway with designer elegance housed in a collection of traditional buildings – all surrounded by silent, snowy forest. The utter peace, the warm welcome andthe invigorating air will support and enhance your yoga experience leaving you uplifted, serene and with rosy cheeks!

Splendid isolation? Tick. Sparkling, crisp air? Tick. Northern lights? Yes, please … Yoga sessions overlooking the forest; listening to your own heartbeat in the vast outdoor silence; the exhilaration of a sauna followed by a roll in the snow. One big tick!

The interiors are sumptuous, warm and cosy – think furs, reindeer skins, log fires, candles and hot chocolate. Marco and Marie have created this space to make you feel this is your home from home. There is something magically Narnian about it all … like being in the wardrobe among the fur coats, and outside is all winter … it’s enchanting. Marco and Marie are both designers and it shows. They are also wonderful hosts and great chefs – fantastic for foodies to sample locally sourced Norwegian specialities with a modern twist – all dietary needs can be catered for. Traditionally Norwegians used to gather around a fire to eat and tell each other stories of gods and warriors. Marco and Marie follow this tradition and invite guests to join them one evening outside to cook on the traditional ofyr, and join the storytelling circle.