Yoga Retreats & Holidays Europe, Stomennano

The Stomennano estate dates back to 1234 and has been in our partner Luisa’s family for many generations. Located not far from Siena and with views of the fortified hill top village of Monteriggioni, the heart of Stomennano is the 17th century villa and outbuildings constructed in the traditional Tuscan style. The estate also produces high quality wine and olive oil from it’s lovely vineyards and olive groves.

Stomennano is something of a find … an utterly magical place, everyone’s Tuscan dream. Luxurious and yet homely, we feel it is such a fabulous venue and Luisa is such a wonderful host, that you will be delighted to spend your yoga retreat here.

The complex is arranged around a courtyard area and private infinity pool with extensive views over the vineyards and rolling, wooded Tuscan countryside. Luisa is a charming and efficient host who has a real passion for people and makes guests feel part of the family.

Accustomed to catering for groups over many years, Stomennano’s kitchen is experienced in providing delicious Tuscan fare.